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  • Three-combination vehicle-mounted mobile station

    The three-combination mobile crushing station can not only meet the customer's specific production requirements and frequent mobile operating environment requirements, but also independently complete the customer's production stone requirements, which improves the utilization rate of equipment and reduces investment costs.
    Production capacity:50-300t/h

    Feed size:Depends on model

    Adjustment range of outlet:depending on the process

    Applicable materials:Construction waste, pebbles, iron ore, manganese ore, river pebbles, granite, limestone, river stones, aluminum ore, etc.
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    Flexible and flexible, quick transition; faster production, environmental protection and peace of mind

    Compared with the conventional mobile crushing station with large tonnage and high investment cost, Henan Global Heavy Industry has developed a three-combination mobile crushing station that is more in line with the needs of small and medium-sized production customers. It can not only meet the production requirements of customers and frequent mobile operations Environmental requirements, and can independently complete the customer's production stone requirements, improve the utilization rate of equipment, and reduce investment costs. According to the requirements of customers for the output particle size and shape, our company has launched two types of three-combination mobile crushing stations equipped with impact crushers and two types with jaw crushers to meet different needs of customer groups.

    The configuration of the three units is flexible, depending on the process:

    Feeder+jaw crusher+circular vibrating screener+belt conveyor (coarse crushing operation)

    Feeder + Hammer Crusher + Circular Vibrating Screener + Belt Conveyor

    Feeder + impact crusher + circular vibrating screen + belt conveyor (construction waste treatment)

    Feeder + cone crusher + circular vibrating screen + belt conveyor (cobblestone crushing)

    Therefore, the tire-type multi-unit configuration is very flexible and can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

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    Integrated overall unit

    Strong complete set, reasonable and compact combination, and extremely low requirements for the workplace.


    reduce shipping costs

    It can be directly driven to the raw material site for production, reducing the transportation link of raw materials, thereby saving the transportation cost of raw materials.


    Strong mobility

    The whole machine has a compact structure, a small turning radius, and extremely low requirements for road transportation conditions. It is convenient and quick to transfer and enter and exit the site.


    Various configurations

    According to the needs of customers, we can provide a variety of personalized unit configurations, which can be single-unit operation or multi-unit joint operation.

    Working Principle

    three combination mobile station

    One type of car body is common to all four types of models, and the feeding unit interchange system, crushing unit interchange system and screening unit interchange system only need to invest in the equipment cost of a single machine, and in a short period of time, different types of equipment can be realized on the same body. The model feeding unit interchange system, the matching between the various systems of the whole machine, adapt to a wider range of occasions, and the crushing function is stronger.

    Technical Parameters

    Standard model Supporting equipment Supporting equipment Dimensions (mm)
    Model Feed size (mm) Processing capacity (t/h)
    S-PF1214-S18 3YZK1860 PF1214 ≤300 100-200 16400 x 2810 x 4500
    S-PF1315-S21 3YZK2160 PF1315 ≤350 130-280 16900 x 3000 x 4500
    S-LF150-S18 3YZK1848 LF150 ≤600 90-200 14800 x 2710 x 4500
    S-LF250-S21 3YZK2160 LF250 ≤800 180-250 16000 x 3000 x 4500
    S-PCZ1308-S18 3YZK1860 PCZ1308 ≤500 100-160 13800 x 2500 x 4200
    S-PCZ1512-S22 3YZK2260 PCZ1512 ≤700 200-350 15000 x 3000 x 4500

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